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value - the key to your success

what is value?

value is what a customer pays for.  if a customer is not willing to pay for it, either:

  • your value is not relevant to them
  • your value is not understood. more often than not, the real problem is a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge regarding your value.

the most important part of your job, as part of the management team at your company, is the ability to convey your value to customers, employees, and shareholders. 

why?  because top sales organizations realize that an effective go-to-market strategy establishes the context in which individual performers can excel.

failure to convey and connect your value with what’s important to your customers results in failed go-to-market strategies.  and, that’s a huge waste of time and resources.

value as perceived by your customers

there’s a reason for not having a clear understanding of your value.  your value is perceived differently by various members and levels of your customer’s organization.  and the value they see in your offerings is totally dependent on their business and the direction they want to go.

creating value is accomplished by establishing your customer’s needs and the underlying business drivers.  with those in hand, you can work to connect your capabilities to their business.

value propositions - more than a buzz word

a value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services.  value must be described and defined from the receiver’s perspective. the more specific your value proposition, the better.

most companies struggle with less-than-effective value propositions. they are often weak – reflecting:

  • a disconnect between product development, marketing, sales, and customers
  • a lack of knowledge of the true value products or services from their customer’s perspective

often value propositions are simply a description of the offering's features or capabilities. or a series of buzz words designed to impress.   here are a few examples of weak value propositions:

  • we offer training classes in a wide variety of areas
  • our product was rated the best-of-breed by industry leaders
  • it's the most technologically advanced and robust system on the market
  • we excel in value and service
  • our product has more features than the competition

why are these weak value propositions?  because your customers are saying, "so what?  everybody says that.  what makes you different?"

the solution

you haven't shared what's in it for them - and that's the only thing customers care about.

what does your value proposition say to your customers?  learn more about exposing your value.

sales engineering group

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