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now that you have identified your company’s value, and communicated that value to your customer, the next step is:

  • step 3: delivering value.  make sure your delivery systems provide the value your customers expect

the value delivery phase is designed to help you connect the value you sold to the deliverables your team takes to the market.  this may be as simple as a formalized hand-off between sales and operations, or it may require that new processes and measures are put in place to track and asses your delivery of value. 

sales engineering group helps you find the customer value connection between sales and operations.

the payoff?

properly done, delivering value results in:

  • higher customer satisfaction levels
  • improved customer retention
  • reduced “problem” accounts and higher sales and operations efficiencies
  • the creation of a value framework to support ongoing customer management
  • a consistent delivery of your value on an on-going basis

want more examples?  read five examples of common business problems where we shatter your traditional thinking and demonstrate our expertise in guiding you to think about the real problems to produce lasting value for your company

sales engineering group

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