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a new look at common business problems

below are five examples of common business problems and symptoms (columns 1 & 2) that many companies are experiencing.

stop being a traditional thinker

the traditional solutions to these problems (column 3) are what most executives implement only to find that they don’t fix the real problems.  the bottom line is that there is no change in the bottom line.  and your hot seat gets hotter as the clock keeps ticking.

what you should be thinking about

what you should be thinking about (column 4) are alternative approaches that solve the real problem.  sales engineering group’s unique expertise in the field of value shatters your traditional thinking and shows you a new way to get to the core of many of your complex business problems.

problem symptoms what you’re thinking about what you should be thinking about

difficulty establishing new customers

  • can’t find the way in
  • sales/marketing disconnect
  • difficulty establishing contact with prospects

more marketing, lead generation

identifying value — is your value clear to both your team and your customers?  is your current value message based on your product or your customer’s business?

shrinking margins

  • reverse auctions
  • constant downward price pressure
  • every sale is a negotiation

cost cutting,
streamlining the sales organization

communicating value — does your sales team know how to effectively differentiate you from your competition?  have you made your value proposition clear?

variable customer satisfaction

  • some customers love your service and others are unhappy with the same service
  • customers all seem to want something different

investments in customer service

delivering value — are you delivering the value your customer expects?  are you establishing appropriate expectations during the sales process?  can customers measure your performance against expectations?

customer turnover

  • surprised by an rfp or rfq
  • struggle to create long-term relationships
  • don’t know why they’re leaving
  • don’t know your customers well

more contact by your field sales personnel, higher touch and improved customer service

reinforcing value — does your customer recognize the value you bring?  do you communicate your success in meeting their expectations on an on-going basis?  have you agreed on appropriate measures?

tried sales training, not getting results

  • no improvement in forecasting
  • no significant change in individual performance
  • significant part of the team not achieving goals
  • sales reps still using old techniques

change, either your personnel, sales process, or sales management

  • internalization—does your team buy into the process?  does your process represent best practices?
  • knowledge—do all the members of your team have the skills and knowledge to execute your process?
  • alignment—are all of your corporate systems aligned with your process to eliminate redundancy and support best practices?
sales engineering group

ready to move forward?

it takes courage to institute real change. contacting us is the first step.  you'll be glad you did.


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